Parade of Trains at Brighton Beach

Here’s something that make me all sorts of giddy. The New Your Transit Museum’s parade of trains. Select old school subway cars were pulled out from deep underground to see the light of day and to do what they do best: haul people around. This cost me nothing more than a Metrocard swipe. It was more crowded than I anticipated but it was worth it.

Trains hung out at Brighton Beach on the Brighton Line. The R-33s and R-38s ran from Brighton west to Ocean Parkway while the rest ran north up to Kings Highway where they then ran in reverse back to Brighton. Here’s some pics I snapped.

R-33 Bluebird and BMT R-1
R33 Bluebird with stainless steel R-38s coupled behind it.
This pic of an AB Standard was in the R1. Not sure where it is though.
Like oranges?
This is from a Brooklyn Union car looking northbound towards Sheepshead Bay Station.
Here’s me with the R-1.
Sweet signage.
R-33 Bluebird. What a sweet paint job.
Just a normal commute on a Brooklyn Union subway car.
Man that motorman is lucky to commandeer that thing.