Acadia National Park – Maine – Day Two

Jordan Pond and South Bubble Mountain

Back at it again! The overnight temps were manageable and our camp stayed cozy. The fire of course died out but after getting it stoked and roaring again we had ourselves a nice cozy breakfast. We soon ventured out to seize the day, but the weather wasn’t so welcoming to that sort of idea. It was a tad cloudy with patches of fog littered about.

Our next destination? We decided on Jordan Pond. While not on the eastern coast of Mt Desert Island Jordan Pond still offers great views. With the fog hovering over just about every body of water we passed it made sense. The ocean would be foggy and maybe too dreary so we’ll hold out for tomorrow. We hoped that in the meantime circling Jordan Pond’s three mile trail would suffice. We lucked out. It was gorgeous. The lack of sun didn’t really detract from the scenery at all. In fact it almost enhanced it in a way. The low clouds and fog drifting over the the peaks into the valleys offered some pretty views. Doing the nearby hike up one of the bubbles was also a goal. Elevation is always cool. We set out around Jordan Pond Trail, stopping to marvel and take pics of the pond along the way.

About halfway around we encountered the trail up to South Bubble Mountain. There were two paths. The left being the steeper, but quicker path, and the right being a bit easier but a tad longer. With Bradley in tow we opted for the casual route up to South Bubble. Unfortunately the view of the pond from the peak was fogged over. Oh well no big deal. We took the same path back and once back to Jordan Pond Trail we continued on. Along the path we noticed the fog lifting, and soon we could see across the pond again. There was a cool wooden bridge along the way. The path then turned into crossing boulders at water level but then became a series of planks and lumber built as a walkway. It was new and you could still smell the fresh wood. Nothing like it.