Sharing Cancer’s Little Idiosyncrasies

Dan is a focused yet well rounded guy with a knack for being that perfectly timed kind of weird. As a jack of all trades type he began dipping into various vocations but spent no time writing. After a bout with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma in 2012 he found little emotional support when looking up specifics of his rare disease and even less literature describing how other people genuinely feel when combating an illness as serious as stage 4 cancer. He toyed with the idea of revealing his own learnings on the greater Internet. Initially it never came to be, but a recurrence in 2016 prompted him to expose himself in order to help others using his own words. The contents of this blog include mostly Lizz and Dan’s anecdotes relating to treatment, survival, and all of unmentioned nuts and bolts. There’s a little comedy laced in to ease the mood along with whatever else is deemed interesting enough to post.

You can read up on how this medical fiasco came to be when Lizz took Dan to Save Madison Ave.