Sync Your Bash Profile Across Machines

I use multiple computers. One thing that bothered me was that my custom tailored terminal window differed across my machines. Devs and script kiddies likely encountered this issue. I’ve seen some solutions online by way of GitHub but these normally relied on git to sync things across computers.

I didn’t want to go this route. I felt there was a simpler solution available. I instead elected to use Dropbox. I was already using it for my 1Password Vault so why not use it to sync my bash_profile?

I initially thought I could just put my .bash_profile into Dropbox. But there’s no easy way tell terminal to use a specific file. Instead I dropped my .bash_profile into another file. For those interested my setup and aliases take a gander:

This file is dropped into my Dropbox folder and named it I simply reference this file with one line in my .bash_profile on the machines I want to sync up:

The $HOME variable allows me to have differing user shortnames across my machines. Simple stuff.